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I have spent the last few months reading, searching and studying for information and resources for promoting our new 2014 album “Forever”.  The very best advise I have found is definitely at Music Think Tank. (check link for website, email news letter and blog info, amazing!)

The best thing about it is the combination of experts that write on this website and the information available. It is far and above the best researched and the very best top industry experts all in one place.  It would take you a lot of time to find each of these people searching through the stunning plethora of good, bad and ugly advise out there for independent artists.  (there is a lot of money out there to be made by making enthused musicians famous, sadly more money can be made by the people helping to promote Indie musicians on line than the musicians make themselves!) Hope this info helps other musicians out there.  Lets get cracking and get ourselves promoted!  Best Wishes!

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