In all my exploring over the internet I suddenly realised that it was time to take a good look at how to categorise new genres of modern jazz music.   I assumed that contemporary jazz music means, modern jazz music or new jazz music with great sophisticated modern harmony, new rhythms and modern lyric ideas.  However, I discovered that the term contemporary has been used in many ways in the music industry over the last 100 years! Wow! Lets investigate this!!  Depending where you live and what your influences are, Contemporary Jazz can mean anything from Kenny G to Cecil Taylor.  Needless to say there is a huge difference between these two artists, and so it became a concern as I tried to categorise our jazz style in the Album “Forever”.  To me it was simple, Contemporary Vocal Jazz.  But then, I was looking at internet web sites for contemporary jazz and kept coming up with “Smooth Jazz” like Easy Listening, Adult Contemporary and the list goes on!  Take a look at this article on link that was a real eye opener for me and I consider myself a jazz musician, imagine how confusing this all is for people that are still asking “what is jazz?”

Okay, so investigate and investigate and I still don´t have a catagory for my music, it is so many things all rapped up in one package.  I guess that is what happens when you create a jazz quintet from musicians that are from so many different cultures all in one group.  I am from Canada, our artistic director/composer is from Cuba, our bass player from Mexico and our Sax/flute player is from Dominican Republic.  (oh, our Drummer is Cuban too! and rhythm is so important in defining genre!) So I guess, I will just have to be more specific!  Our Album “Forever” is Modern Vocal Jazz with wonderful modern harmony, latin rhythms and interesting reflective lyrics.  LOL! Please give me your feedback!  How would you classify our music?  It certainly isn´t easy listening! Let me know what you think!

Why Album “Forever”

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