R7orQaWoA9kob8gQHiX2vN25pZiFCWl6ggE3PdPIdoY5-WY009L1MfK6WWDEpSHmdnITTA=s190There is nothing better in life than making a living doing what you love.

This really is living the dream! NO, not the dream that I had when I was 12 years old to become like Whitney Housten, or Celine Dion, but the real grown up dream.  Making a living, doing what you are passionate about in life.  There really doesn’t exist any other goal, other than this one.  It is the ultimate human experience and the connection between the human existential conundrum “I have to survive” and “I really love this, this is what I came here to do”.  It is not becoming famous, it is not about the big moments when you had your most memorable experience.  It is about the day to day living.  It is about being able to spend 70% or more of your time doing exacly what you love, (and of course making a living, hopefully a decent one!) Go find your dream, your reason for being here and the rest will take care of itself!  Good Luck on your journey!